Below are links from fellow researchers and people I admire.  It was finding these people (or them finding me) that saved my sanity in all of this knowing I wasn't the only one seeing these things.  Though I started noticing in 2011, some of these guys and gals have been doing this for over a decade.  Please check out their channels by clicking on their names and subscribe.

Jim Kerr's Channel: ChemtrailsAVCA

Jim has the Biblical take on all of this.

Belfast Bap's Channel: Bap Skywatch

Bap knew about this long before I did.

Andrew R Stec's Channel

Located in PA, he is one of the best.

Tomek's Channel: Ozcamaro

Located in the UK and a great researcher.

Another Belfast Bap Channel:

Another Belfast Bap Channel:


Bart from Germany's Channel:

Barting Man

Another Belfast Boy, Mr. Baker's Channel:

Belfast Observer Skywatch

Jamie from Alabama's Channel:

Jamie Newton

Loke Skywatcher's Channel

Manny's Channel:

Manny Skywatch

MsAmericanBuner's Channel

Fellow New Orleanian, Jon's Channel:

NOLA Skies

Rob Sullivan from Colorado's Channel

Robertas from Lithuania's Channel

The only weatherman I respect, Scott Stevens'


Zebritto21's Channel

Stormy13Wizard13's Channel

Belfast Bap's 4th Channel

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